Driving in the snow and Ice by Tim Pilbeam. (owner of RCV)

Having driven nearly all Land Rover products for over 45 years, 30 of them with RCV, my experience of driving in the deserts of the Sahara and Namibia, to the deep snow and ice in Europe and Scandinavia, has told me that SPEED, is the single most important aspect to consider, if you want to stay safe in your Land Rover.  You may have the ‘best  4×4 by far’ , but when most Land Rovers weigh over 2 tons, with some nearer 3 tons, with powerful engine, effective brakes, and a higher centre of gravity if compared to most vehicles, stopping quickly may not be as efficient as you think!  Take your time! 

A few other tips:

    • Pull away in second gear, and if driving an automatic, only the slightest of engine power is required to avoid the braking of traction under the tyres. 
    • If you are driving up hill, once again pick a higher gear and keep your distance from other vehicles. 
    • Automatics are not easy to control the engine power. If you have terrain response, read the manual and pick the most suitable setting
    • Downhill – KEEP OFF THE BRAKES as much as possible. ABS and traction control are very effective, allowing you to steer the vehicle, and keep a long distance from any vehicles or pedestrians 
  • Keep an eye on where the front wheels are pointing especially if you are stuck or being pushed or pulled out. In many situations, on full lock, a vehicle will still head straight forward in a skid!!