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What is the Land Rover Terrain Response System and How Does it Work?

Driving a Land Rover off-road is one of the most exciting and pleasurable motoring experiences you can have. Exploring hidden gems, tackling tricking terrain and testing both you and the vehicle, it provides an element to your driving experience that regular road driving doesn’t. Occasionally though, the terrain proves a little tough and you need

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Is GAP Insurance Worth it for Land Rover Drivers?

Protecting yourself from extortionate charges is something you will no doubt always investigate upon making a substantial new purchase. Whether it be a new vehicle, a new house, or even a holiday, adding insurance can help you avoid costly fees that may break the bank! One often proposed to Land Rover owners is GAP insurance.

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What is Land Rover Pivi Pro?

When you buy a Land Rover, you not only invest in a premium vehicle to get you around, but you invest in innovative technology that helps make that journey a little easier, a little safer, and, perhaps even a little more fun. Over the years, Land Rover has continually evolved both the interior and exterior

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Range Rover Air Suspension: All You Need to Know

Range Rover has always been seen as a marque of distinction among the many we see on our roads. Stunning design, high-tech interiors, rugged, yet smooth exteriors and a reputation for quality means that for many, a Range Rover stands out as the dream vehicle of choice. Never a brand to shy away from innovation,

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How Long Does AdBlue Last in a Land Rover?

AdBlue is the most common form of diesel exhaust fluid currently on the market and is used in many Land Rovers and Range Rovers to ensure they run properly. Without it, the vehicle will not comply with the EU6 regulations, and due to the technology incorporated within it, will not restart once switched off. We

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How to Know When the EGR on Your Land Rover is Faulty

None of us like it when our vehicle develops a fault. Partly due to the potential cost to repair it, and partly due to the added inconvenience a faulty vehicle can present us with. Sometimes the problems are easily identifiable and can be rectified at home, other times, you may not know where the problem

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The Signs the Head Gasket on Your Land Rover Could Be Failing

Problems with your Land Rover can be expensive to fix. But you can often reduce the cost, as well as the damage by spotting these issues before they develop into something severe and costly. One area in particular that causes significant issues is the head gasket. If this fails, you can soon see your Land

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Diesel Exhaust Fluid for Range Rovers: All You Need to Know

Whether you are a new Range Rover owner or someone who has steadfastly refused to drive anything else over the past few years, it pays to ensure you know all about your Diesel Exhaust Fluid (also known as DEF). DEF is a fluid that helps ensure your Land Rover Range Rover is compliant with the

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Range Rover Motability: Are There Any Models of Range Rover on The Scheme?

When looking for a new vehicle, many options, as well as questions are likely to cross your mind. You want to factor in budget, availability, reliability, practicality, and more. For those with mobility issues, the choices can often become limited. Thanks to the Motability scheme though, more people are gaining access to vehicles that they

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How to Reset Central Locking on a Range Rover Evoque

Have you been encountering problems locking your Evoque? You wouldn’t be alone. One of the most common search queries relating to Range Rovers surrounds the central locking system on a Range Rover Evoque not working. Often, it’s a quick fix. But sometimes, you can be scratching your head, wondering how much it’s going to cost

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