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The Christmas Gifts For A Jaguar Owner You Should Buy This Year

It’s that time of year again and Christmas shopping is starting to pick up its pace. Earlier this month, we had a look at some excellent Christmas gift ideas for Land Rover owners, but this time round,  in between Jaguar servicing and Land Rover MOTs, we thought it would be worth looking at what you

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5 Xmas Gifts for a Land Rover Lover You Should Consider

Christmas shopping has started for many of us and the frantic search for relevant gifts will no doubt continue for a good few weeks! Let’s make things a little easier by showing you a selection of what we think are the best gifts you could buy for the Land Rover lover in your family, workplace,

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Preparing Your Land Rover for Driving in the Snow

As we approach the back end of the year, temperatures drop, nights draw in and driving all of a sudden becomes a little different to how it was just a month or so ago. Perhaps one of the biggest changes to address is the potential for snow, ice, and fog. The white sheets that adorn

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What is Checked on a Jaguar MOT?

The MOT is often a worry for some car owners. The potential for something to be discovered that costs a fortune to repair always lingers. If you keep your car in good condition and keep to its service schedule, you should have no reason to worry that your car may fail its Jaguar MOT. At

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What are Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts?

At Roberts Country Vehicles we are proud to help you get your Land Rover or Jaguar back to its best with one of our comprehensive services. With our many years of experience as a Land Rover specialist, we have finessed our methods to ensure you only get the best possible service at the best possible

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The Dangers of Misfuelling Your Land Rover

Misfuelling any vehicle can be a catastrophic error and end up with huge costs for you to cover to get your Land Rover up and running again. Luckily the Land Rover misfuelling protection device exists to help stop it from happening, but, it is still possible to misfuel a Land Rover. It should be noted

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What to Check on Your Land Rover Before a Long Journey

A Land Rover is a fantastic vehicle to enjoy a road trip in. Capable of handling a variety of terrains, spacious, and so versatile in style that you can prep for a road trip of more or less any distance and enjoy a comfortable drive in it. But how do you ensure your Land Rover

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How to Service and Maintain An Electric Jaguar

Electric cars are slowly becoming more prevalent on British roads and the number is sure to increase considering the government’s plan for all new vehicles to be electric only from 2030. For some though, these cars are still a bit of an enigma. The costs of purchase, the ways to charge and how to maintain

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Where Can You Enjoy a Jaguar Track Day in the UK?

Driving a Jaguar can be an exhilarating experience. Whether you own a classic like the E-Type or have indulged in a more modern sporty number like the F-Type, hearing the engine roar can transform your appreciation for the car. Luckily these days, the opportunity to enjoy the cars to their maximum is more available than

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Is My Range Rover ULEZ Compliant in 2023?

Lots has been said recently about the forthcoming change in ULEZ regulations, and for owners of some vehicles it has been cause for concern with fears that they may need to sell theirs to enable full compliance with the new ruling. Luckily, for the most part, the majority of Range Rover owners will find that

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