Tyres & Wheel Alignment

Jaguar Land Rover Tyre and Wheel Alignment Specialists

Our team at Roberts Country Vehicles have over thirty years of experience in making sure that your vehicle always runs how you would expect it to.

Whether it be an MOT, a mechanical repair, a service, or a tyre and wheel alignment our technical experts will be on hand to help. We never compromise on service and always ensure that what you expect is what you receive.

All of our team are trained specifically on Land Rover and Jaguar meaning that when you bring your vehicle in, it leaves as close to being factory new as possible.

One of our specialisms is the tyre and wheel alignment service. Using the very best tech to enable perfect 4-wheel alignment, we guarantee the protection of your tyres from unnecessary wear.

Not only that, but the tyres we offer are priced so competitively that you will not need to look elsewhere for a quote on new ones! We can fit in house, but, if you prefer, you can take them elsewhere.

Affordable tyre alignment for Land Rovers

Many mechanical issues on Land Rovers are expected to cost you a lot of money. That is why RCV are different. We understand that costs can be extreme so do our best to ensure that every aspect of our service is affordable. In most cases, our services are up to 40% cheaper than the main dealer prices.

Our service allows for a 4-wheel digital laser alignment on most Jaguar Land Rover models on the market. If you are unsure whether yours can be serviced, reach out to our team, we would be delighted to assist you with any questions you may have.

The importance of Land Rover wheel alignment

When any part of your Land Rover is faulty, the problem can do more damage than you would expect. Wheel alignment is one such problem. If steering or suspension is out of alignment you can find your vehicle not being as fuel efficient as it should be. This then wears out the tyres, potentially leading to a need for a four-tyre replacement.

In addition, uneven roads or potholes can affect the wheel alignment, to be affected. This will then disrupt the handling and ultimately the safety of your Land Rover when you drive.

At RCV, we know that these are risks no one should have to worry about. Where many may offer a two-wheel alignment, our specialist four-wheel service means that our expert Land Rover technicians will be able to adjust both the front and rear suspensions which includes any camber, toe and caster angles being adjusted on the front and rear of the Land Rover.

Tyre and Wheel Alignment FAQs

At RCV we ensure anybody that uses our premium service does not pay premium prices. That’s why our 4-wheel digital laser alignment costs just £108+VAT.

We currently offer a comprehensive and precise tyre and wheel alignment service on most Jaguar Land Rover models. To see if we can service yours, contact us to find out more.

Simply completing our online enquiry form will allow us to collate the information and then get back in touch with you to organize a convenient date for your service.

Yes, your Land Rover should be with you on the same day. If for some reason, this is not possible then you can take advantage of our courtesy vehicles. Simply speak to the team to find out more.

We are based in West Kent but have customers coming to visit us from across the country. If you own a Jaguar or Land Rover and it needs a service, bring it to us. We are an independent business that knows just how much the personal touch is appreciated. Without bias, without fuss but with full focus, professionalism and quality. RCV ensure your Land Rover is given the best tyre and wheel alignment service possible.

Of course. We would love to hear from you. You can call us on 01622 873000 or email us at info@rcv.co.uk.


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