Jaguar Servicing


Experiencing driving euphoria is only possible through the trustworthy maintenance of your Jaguar. That is why we are proud to offer Jaguar fixed price servicing, a dedicated service that been developed for Jaguar models over three years old.

With Jaguar fixed price servicing, you get full peace of mind that your pride and joy is being fully taken care of at RCV by Jaguar trained technicians who will use Jaguar genuine parts.

Our pricing is more competitive than the main dealers, saving you up to 40%, so you know you are always getting the best deal by not going to the main dealer.


Jaguar Full Service

Our full service is ideal as an annual maintenance programme for your Jaguar. We recommend your Jaguar receives a full service every 12,000 miles or 12 months – whichever is sooner. A full service each year on your Jaguar will reduce the risk of breakdown and can help maintain the value. Call us for a full list of what is included in our full service, but it does include a thorough inspection of your engine and other components including replacement air filter and power steering fluid topped up (where required). We use official Jaguar service schedules to provide a service that is specific to your car’s make, model, age and mileage – exactly as recommended by Jaguar. Best of all, a service from RCV will uphold your Jaguar vehicle warranty.


Is my warranty really protected?

Yes, provided your Jaguar is still within its warranty period, a RCV stamp won’t invalidate your Jaguar warranty agreement.


Combine your Jaguar Service with an MOT

It is a legal requirement to receive an MOT test every 12 months once your Jaguar is three years old or more to ensure your vehicle remains safe and roadworthy. Book a Combined MOT and Service for your Jaguar and receive peace of mind that both are completed for the year.


How much is a Jaguar Service?

We need to give you a quote that is specific to your car as the Manufacturer service schedule and it will vary depending on your car’s age, model and mileage. Our quote will show Jaguar’s recommended time to complete the service plus parts, oil, any disposal charges and VAT.

At RCV, we can provide Jaguar manufacturer servicing for the models listed below.

240, 340, 420, E Type, MK.2, MK.8, MK.9, MK.10, S Type, Sovereign, V12, X Type, XF, XJ, XJ6, XJ8, XJ12, XJR, XJS, XK, XK8, XKR, XKRS, F Type.

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