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View our most popular frequently asked questions below. Please get in touch if you have any further questions before booking your vehicle with us.

If you see an Amber engine warning light appear, your vehicle may still be ok to drive but could be exhibiting signs of a fault. To diagnose the fault and have it rectified, we would advise booking an appointment. Our experts will then be able to advise on the next steps to ensure your Jaguar or Land Rover is ready to go!

If your engine warning light is red then you should not drive, and instead, organise for your vehicle to be recovered by a specialist where the fault can be diagnosed and repaired. The team at RCV will be able to assist and have you back on the road again soon. Our meticulous service will mean nothing is missed and the fault rectified.

The suspension warning light could be a sign that further driving could lead to a significant problem. If this light shows, it is advisable to have the vehicle inspected.

Between services, you may get the ‘Service’ due message. This will be shown by the service light that is controlled by the engine monitoring system. Its appearance means that an oil and filter change is needed. This can be caused by a high level of oil dilution.

This will vary per model but typically a cambelt should be replaced every 7 years or 112,000 miles or every 10 years and 150,000 miles. If you are unsure, you can speak to our team who will be able to advise which timescale is best suitable for your vehicle.

Yes-We have a team of specialists all fully trained in completing MOTs on Land Rovers and Jaguars. Our in-house Class 4 MOT testing facility allows for an in-depth check of your vehicle ensuring it is fully roadworthy.

The price of a service will depend on the model, age of the vehicle, and engine type. Check out our Land Rover pricing to view a guide to potential costs for your Land Rover service. With RCV, you can rest assured that our team of specialists will only use approved and genuine equipment to protect your manufacturer’s warranty.

Every service depends on the age of the vehicle, the model, and the engine type. We have a team of highly skilled technicians that will carefully assess and service your vehicle ensuring that it is safe to drive and free from problems. Consult our Jaguar service pricing to see how much you could save on a Jaguar Service with RCV.

We sure can. At RCV we ensure that the moment you leave, you are fully road compliant and have all the necessary documentation to illustrate this.

No, it won’t. At RCV we follow manufacturer Servicing guidelines meaning your warranty is never affected. No matter the age of the vehicle, our service will ensure your warranty remains intact.

We have a fleet of cars available should your vehicle be out of action for longer than you had hoped for. Simply ask us about using one when you book your service. Courtesy cars are subject to availability.

A DPF, also known as a diesel particle filter, is a filter that is designed to remove diesel particulate matter and soot from the exhaust gas or engine.

Adblue is an additive used to transform harmful gases from within the exhaust system into water and nitrogen. If at any time you have any questions about our services or the procedures used, feel free to ask! We would be delighted to illustrate how we care for your vehicle.


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