Land Rover and Jaguar MOT Specialists

You need to look no further for quality, affordability, and perfection when it comes to booking an MOT for your Land Rover or Jaguar.

Our team of experienced and fully qualified experts have been carefully perfecting their skills for years ensuring that nothing is compromised when it comes to a first-class service for your vehicle.

Based in West Kent but close to Sevenoaks and Orpington, we service vehicles from all over the country such is our reputation, and we would be delighted to help you with all aspects of care for your Land Rover or Jaguar.

Priding ourselves on the speed we work and the attention to detail each member of our team pays to every vehicle, you can guarantee premium service, premium quality and premium results, every time.

MOT Services in Kent

An MOT is an essential part of keeping your vehicle roadworthy. In fact, it’s a legal requirement, so when you have one carried out, it’s vital you get it done right.

At RCV, we operate with a personal touch that allows all Land Rover and Jaguar owners to have full peace of mind when it comes to care of their vehicle and the service it demands.

Operating since 1987, we have continually evolved and have been operating out of Paddock Wood, Kent since 1998 where we have developed a reputation as the leading independent MOT specialists for Land Rovers in the Southeast.

Land Rover MOTS

Land Rovers are one of the most famous vehicles in Britain and have graced our roads, farms and fields since 1948. Today, they are synonymous with quality, with Britain and with class. Some would say, it’s kind of ironic that we pride ourselves on the same three things too.

We can service all types of Land Rover and are happy to pass on expert advice where you need it. Simply speak to us to learn more about how we can service your Land Rover better and cheaper than any main dealer!

Jaguar MOTs

A Jaguar is a feat of engineering that both owners and manufacturers are rightfully proud of. Precision engineering, elegant bodywork, a bit of speed, and a touch of class.

We have serviced Jaguars for many years and our highly trained technicians will always have you leaving your MOT satisfied that your vehicle is as close to good as new as you could get.


At RCV, we appreciate certain costs are unavoidable in life and that is why we endeavour to keep ours as low as possible. We charge just £45 for an MOT for your Land Rover.

Just like with a Land Rover, we will complete a Jaguar MOT for just £45. Our team of experts will ensure it’s a 5-star service but not a 5-star price.

Yes. We would love to accept those that just turn up, but we would never want anyone to feel rushed. Each MOT is carefully carried out to ensure your vehicle is checked in great depth and nothing is missed. With that in mind, we can only accept bookings. You can check our availability and make a booking easily on the button below.


Yes-All we ask is that when booking your Land Rover or Jaguar MOT you inform us of your wish to wait. A workshop or a garage can be a dangerous area and ensuring our customers and team are safe is of paramount importance to us.

You certainly can. We know how important it is for you to have your vehicle roadworthy and to be without it can make life very difficult. All you need to do is book up to one month (minus one day) before the expiry of your current MOT.

Typically, an MOT can last from 45mins-1hour. However, to ensure you get the best possible service, we can give you a more accurate time when you drop your vehicle to us. Sometimes, the age and condition of the vehicle can lead to an MOT lasting a little longer.

Should your Land Rover or Jaguar be deemed not roadworthy, we have a host of courtesy vehicles should they be needed. This means you can still stay on the road whilst we make sure your vehicle is as safe as possible.


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