Where Can You Enjoy a Jaguar Track Day in the UK?

Driving a Jaguar can be an exhilarating experience. Whether you own a classic like the E-Type or have indulged in a more modern sporty number like the F-Type, hearing the engine roar can transform your appreciation for the car.

Luckily these days, the opportunity to enjoy the cars to their maximum is more available than ever with a host of fantastic track day events open to Jaguar owners all over the country.

In this week’s blog, we have picked a selection of the best available so you can push your Jaguar to its limits and enjoy the thrill of premium engineering, immense power, and of course, speed!


Before heading out to the track though, you might want to consider ensuring your Jaguar service plan is being kept fully up to date. That way you can drive safe in the knowledge that your car is in the best possible condition to give you the ride of your life around the track.

So where can you enjoy the thrill of putting a Jaguar through its paces?

The Jaguar Experience Centre

Where better to start than with the manufacturer itself? Jaguar offers some incredible track experiences that bring together the heritage of the brand as well as the speed and thrill of driving fast. Without needing to bring your own car, you can get behind the wheel of a variety of Jaguars across two unique, exciting and challenging experiences.

Using the Fen End test track in Kenilworth, Drivers can put their skills to the test under expert guidance and see if they have what it takes to break a lap record.

Ultimate Jaguar Experience

The more expensive of the Jaguar experiences available, drivers get 3 hours to put a high-performance Jaguar through its paces. With expert assistance throughout, you are set a series of challenges and scenarios to test your mettle as a speed demon!

You must be at least 21 to be able to take part and have at least 3 years of uninterrupted driving on your record. This experience costs £445 per person with additional non-driving passengers charged £25. For an extra £50, you can add a 3-hour factory tour too.

The Jaguar F-type Experience

The second of the track day options offered by Jaguar puts you behind the wheel of one of the fastest Jaguars around. The F-Type. With one hour of track time, you can put the car through its paces experiencing the rush of adrenalin as you tackle corners, chicanes and a host of other challenges that will come your way. As with the other experience listed, you must be at least 21 years old and have 3 years of uninterrupted driving experience on your record. To take part in this experience will cost just £195.


Iconic Goodwood classic cars experience

Whilst our first experiences gave you the chance to indulge in a fusion of speed and technology, this Goodwood track day experience allows you to enjoy an iconic, classic Jaguar.

The benefit of this experience though is that not only do you get to enjoy the awe-inspiring sound and power of a Jaguar E-Type, but you can pick an additional three cars to drive too.

You’ll get two laps in each and then, as an added bonus, be given a free ride as a passenger in a high-speed performance saloon.

Drivers must be 18 years of age or older and hold a full driver’s licence. At just £209, we think this particular track day gives you excellent value for money as you get to enjoy 4 iconic cars around a fantastic track.


British sports car driving experience at Thruxton

Thruxton circuit is the fastest in the UK and if you feel like you have the need for speed, this is a track experience you will not want to miss. Strapping yourself into the rapid Jaguar F-type V6 S, you’ll get three high-speed laps that demonstrate just why Jaguar describes it as agile, powerful and distinctive. Factor in that you also get laps in an Aston Martin V8 Vantage, a Porsche Cayman and 3 additional demo laps with an instructor and you get to embrace pure speed as you navigate the extremely quick track.

Priced at £340 and available to anyone aged 17 or over with a full driving licence, this experience is one for those that love sports cars from iconic British brands.

Drive Brands Hatch with your own Jaguar

Brands Hatch is another iconic British track and is one that allows you to put the pedal to the metal in your own Jaguar to see just how well you can navigate the track. Available throughout the year and with expert guidance on hand, drivers can take on the knowledge of fully experienced racers to help them achieve better laps.

With the added benefit of free pro-driver tuition and free on-track photos, this opportunity is a fantastic one to seize should you wish to show off your driving skills in your own car.

Visit the team at Track Obsession to find out more.

Drive Snetterton with your own Jaguar

Snetterton offers drivers the chance to unleash the full potential of their Jaguar with track days available almost every week of the motorsport season. With it being a full day, you can try out a host of approaches to your driving and push yourself to the limits!

With assistance from experienced drivers available and the opportunities to book special one-to-one coaching from some of the best instructors in the country, you can really see what your car can do at this world-famous track.

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