How Often Should You Service your Land Rover?

Once you have a Land Rover in your possession you will be wanting to do as much as possible to keep it in the best possible condition. That could range from ensuring the interior is kept pristine through to ensuring every part that makes it run is working at its optimum.

Now the interior, with a little TLC, can be sorted by you at home. It’s everything else that may need a professional eye cast over it every now and then. We are, of course, talking about servicing. Without regular servicing, problems can arise that once they go unrectified can no longer be fixed. So that leads us to the question of, how often should we be servicing our Land Rovers. Well, much actually depends on the model.

Some models on the market require the attention of a Land Rover specialist sooner than others. For example, many Land Rovers require a service after 16,000 miles whilst others can hold off until the milometer reaches 21,000.  Many recommendations state that a full service should be carried out at 12,000 miles though. So, in this edition of our blog, we look at the Land Rover servicing schedules and help you understand if you are now due one for your vehicle.

Why Should I service my Land Rover?

When your original service plan from the manufacturer expires, you will want to maintain the high standards that your vehicle has been operating to and perhaps the only way to do that is through consistent servicing.

By keeping your Land Rover in the best possible condition, you not only ensure yourself a safer, more comfortable driving experience but have the potential to see a better resale price than if the vehicle hadn’t been properly looked after.

What are the Land Rover service intervals?

Depending on the model you drive will determine how often you need your Land Rover serviced. At RCV, we follow the approved schedules as set out by Land Rover themselves. This means we can always ensure the best possible quality for your vehicle.

Many Land Rovers, if not all, are designed with lots of driving both on and off road in mind and therefore are built to be durable. That is not to say faults will not appear though and servicing it will help rectify those faults before they could develop further. It will also help ensure that the parts that may get a little more wear are maintained to the highest standards for your premium vehicle.

There are typically two types of service. The interim service that is carried out at 6, 12, 16 or 20,000 miles, or every 6 months depending on what comes first. And then the full service which is normally once a year. As we mentioned earlier, each model may have slightly different requirements to keep it maintained to its best standards. As a best practice though, it is advised that a full Land Rover service should be carried out every 12,000 miles.

With so many models available, you can find the requirements for each model within our Land Rover service cost guide.

What is included in a Land Rover service?

When you need to have your Land Rover serviced, the engineers will carry out several checks on your vehicle. Both the interim and full service will have slightly different checks included, in some cases, full services may also vary per garage you visit. Typically, they should include checks on:

  • Engine oil
  • Oil filters
  • Air filters
  • Lights
  • Tyres
  • Body
  • Exhaust
  • Steering
  • Brakes
  • Fluid and coolant levels
  • Battery
  • Suspension and shock absorbers

Each service centre may offer variants of the above list within their services so it is always worth asking in advance what is included. That way there will be no surprise extra costs. At RCV for example, the prices offered are the prices you pay. We even include brake fluid changes and AdBlue should it be required at no additional costs on many services. Should there be any additional work required that is not covered by a service, we will speak to you first to give you all the information before going ahead.

How much does a Land Rover service cost?

Much depends on the model being serviced and the type of service required. At RCV for example minor or major services can start from as little as £199 with all parts and labour included. When it comes to full or interim services you can expect prices ranging from just over £200 to significantly more. In many cases, not only will the model and age of the vehicle play a part in determining the price but the parts needed too. At RCV, they are all included so you are free from hidden surprises

What parts are used in a Land Rover service?

In some cases, the people you choose to service your Land Rover will use parts that are either original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or approved genuine parts that help keep your warranty intact. This is something else worth enquiring about when getting quotes for your Land Rover service. There are, unfortunately, likely to be some businesses around that will charge the same or more than other service centres but not use the premium parts required to keep your vehicle in its prime. This is another feature of Roberts Country Vehicles, we will only ever use OEM parts or those that are approved and genuine.

How can I check my Land Rover service history?

When you take ownership of a Land Rover you will want to keep on top of maintaining it and one way to do that is to ensure its service history is fully logged. This can be done by having each service logged with Land Rover. If your Land Rover was manufactured from 2013 onwards and you use an approved Land Rover service centre, your services will be collated on the Land Rover system.

You can then enter your VIN code and discover the full-service history of your vehicle. Should you opt to use a service centre that has not been approved by Land Rover, you can still keep on top of your service history by having your book stamped at the culmination of each service.


If your Land Rover is due for a service speak to the team at Roberts Country Vehicles. With over 30 years of experience as Land Rover experts we have a wealth of knowledge in the field. Able to provide owners with a 40% saving on main dealers’ prices, our team can help you save money whilst giving you the premium service you’d expect. As leading London Land Rover specialist we can keep you on the road affordably and ultimately safely. Offering Land Rover MOT services as well as Land Rover tyre and wheel alignment we provide all you need to keep your Land Rover roadworthy.