How to Reset Central Locking on a Range Rover Evoque

Have you been encountering problems locking your Evoque? You wouldn’t be alone. One of the most common search queries relating to Range Rovers surrounds the central locking system on a Range Rover Evoque not working.

Often, it’s a quick fix. But sometimes, you can be scratching your head, wondering how much it’s going to cost to get the problem resolved.

There can be several reasons why your central locking may develop a fault. Some of which are easily fixed with an at-home solution. Others may rely on the expertise of a Range Rover service specialist. In this blog, we break down the common causes and how to fix them so that your Range Rover Evoque can remain locked and secure when you need it to be.

How does central locking on a Range Rover Evoque work?

To help give you a clearer idea of where the faults may lie, let’s look at how the Evoque uses its central locking system. As with most other vehicles that have adopted the central locking system, it provides a time-saving way to secure and access the vehicle. With all doors, as well as the boot, locking at the press of a button, you can feel reassured that your car is secure without having to go around applying the key to each door individually. Working with key codes and radio waves, the key fob and locking system communicate with each other to relay the command and its acceptance. Think of it like a transmitter and a receiver. The key fob acts as the transmitter, sending a message to lock or unlock the doors of the vehicle. The Range Rover, acts as the receiver, taking that signal and translating it into a command. For added security, each vehicle and key has a unique matching code, meaning that only the exact key for the vehicle will work with it.

What causes the central locking on a Range Rover Evoque not to work?

There are a few reasons, as we alluded to in our intro, some can be a relatively quick fix, and others may take a little more time and cost a little more. We should perhaps start with one of the more obvious faults and potentially the easiest one to correct.

Problems with the key

The key should send a signal to the vehicle that it needs to be locked or unlocked. Should pressing it not do anything at all, you could simply have a faulty or drained battery. However, it is worth checking each door manually too. Sometimes the fault may be more well concealed than just a flat battery.

If the locks function as normal when you attempt to unlock them manually, it is most likely the battery that needs replacing. If they don’t the key itself may be faulty.

Faulty fuse

The central locking system has to connect to the vehicle electronically for the signal to process and activate the locks. Occasionally, the fuse may blow. Whilst it isn’t necessarily common, it certainly can happen. This is because the fuse handles so many currents and reduces them down to a smaller current to enable the door lock to operate without using too much power and damaging the system. Should the fuse not operate correctly it will blow, and shut off the electrical current. As a result, your efforts at pressing the fob will be rewarded with nothing.

Power door lock switch is broken

This small switch sends a signal to the actuator once pressed, as it is used often, it can succumb to wear and tear. This means that sometimes, the switch just dies and needs replacing.

Actuator not working

The actuator, like the switch we mentioned above, can be prone to wear and tear. It should work when it receives the signal from the door lock switch. At this time, the motion of the system changes from a rotational form to a vertical one. This basically allows the door to be locked or unlocked. With constant use, this movement could be compromised which then means that the pushing of the button on the fob, or using the key manually will see the lock system not activate as it should.

How to fix your Range Rover Evoque locking problems

As referenced earlier, some issues can be fixed with a simple solution at home whilst others may rely on a more technical eye.

Replacing the battery

Perhaps the easiest fix if you discover the central locking on your Range Rover Evoque is not working. Simply open the cover on the key fob and switch out the battery. You should look at replacing the battery with a like-for-like replacement to ensure compatibility is assured. If after changing the battery the central locking system is still not working, consider speaking to a Range Rover service specialist.

After replacing the battery, you will need to rest the key fob. To reset a key fob for a Range Rover Evoque, hold the small button on the back of the fob for around 15 seconds then test it. The fob should now be working.

Replacing the fuse

If you have determined that the fuse may have blown, use your Range Rover to locate its position in the vehicle. Swap it out with the same fuse type and test the central locking system again.

Replacing Range Rover Evoque door locks

Whilst this may be a job you prefer a Range Rover expert to take on, and that would be recommended, you can complete this task at home.

Following this simple process, you can replace the old mechanism with a brand-new one.

  1. Remove the door card
  2. Disconnect any cables
  3. Remove the inner door card
  4. Remove all screws from the door lock
  5. Disconnect cabling and lock
  6. Fit new lock
  7. Connect cabling
  8. Screw the lock in and replace the inner door card
  9. Reconnect any cables
  10. Put the door card back in place
  11. Test your lock

Should it not work after this. Consult your Range Rover service experts for additional guidance.


Keeping your Range Rover Evoque in its best condition isn’t always a challenge but sometimes, things can get a little tricky. Should you need guidance, or a Range Rover servicing, get in touch with our team. With years of experience, our expert engineers can help make sure your Range Rover always stays safe and roadworthy. With Range Rover MOTs also available, everything you need is covered under one roof at RCV. Why not contact us today? As the leading Range Rover repairs specialists for Kent as well as London, you can trust RCV to keep your vehicle moving.