Is My Range Rover ULEZ Compliant in 2023?

Lots has been said recently about the forthcoming change in ULEZ regulations, and for owners of some vehicles it has been cause for concern with fears that they may need to sell theirs to enable full compliance with the new ruling.

Luckily, for the most part, the majority of Range Rover owners will find that their vehicle is already ULEZ compliant but there will no doubt be some that aren’t. All new Range Rovers are ULEZ compliant but editions from before 2006 may not be. So should you be unsure, there are a few things you can do to see whether your Range Rover follows ULEZ guidelines. Aside from visiting a Range Rover specialist and having them check over your vehicle or safely modify it to comply with regulations, you can also check the TFL website to see if your vehicle is listed as compliant.

But before you get in a panic let’s explore a little more about what ULEZ is and how it is changing. Reading this may help you know what you need to do with your current Range Rover and what one you should perhaps be considering next!

What is ULEZ?

ULEZ is the ultra-low emission zone that at present, covers certain areas of London. It was introduced to improve the air quality in London and with the money raised through people paying the ULEZ charges, develop the public transport services.

All drivers who wish to enter the ULEZ zone that do not drive a ULEZ-compliant vehicle must pay a daily fee of £12.50 plus the £15.00 congestion charge if they are entering the areas that relate to it. This can be paid online in advance for the day you are entering the ULEZ zone, but you can also opt for autopay, where TFL will monitor the number of days you enter the zone and then charge you accordingly.

It operates 24 hours a day all year long, except Christmas day, and as of August 29th, 2023, the ULEZ is expanding to all of London. With a swathe of cameras monitoring compliance, ensure you pay the charge before entering.

Why is the ULEZ zone expanding?

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan has made it a mission of his to clean the air in London and with the introduction of ULEZ has started making inroads in doing so. At present, TFL data shows us that 94% of vehicles driving in the zone are now fully compliant compared to just 39% back in 2017 when ULEZ was first introduced. This reduction has seen nitrogen dioxide levels more than halve in Central London.

Reports show though that the greatest number of deaths in London relating to air pollution is at its highest in outer London. With this in mind, the proposal to expand the zone was put forward. After being given the green light, all systems are now in place to be operational at the end of August.

With this expansion, there has been concern among many drivers, especially of larger vehicles like Range Rovers but they will have to sell their vehicle as it will no longer be suitable. Luckily, most Range Rovers will find themselves exempt.

What is ULEZ Compliant for a Range Rover?

The current ULEZ rules state that for a vehicle to be ULEZ compliant it must fit specific emission categories based on the vehicle type and the type of fuel it uses.

ULEZ compliance is based on European emissions standards which set limits based on the chemicals emitted by the vehicle through its exhaust. Known as Euro Standards, they were first introduced as far back as 1970 but over time have had their stringency enhanced. Current regulations have us at Euro6 but in 2025 we will see Euro7 introduced. However, to be ULEZ compliant in London, your petrol car must be at least Euro4 and your diesel vehicle must be at least Euro6. If you ride a motorbike, the minimum standard is Euro3.

Most new cars sold from 2005 onwards meet the Euro4 standards with all new diesel vehicles sold from 2015 onwards complying with Euro6 guidelines. In some cases, you may find vehicles from before these dates complying with their current Euro rating.

To save going online or speaking to anyone at TFL, you can simply look inside the V5C document for your Range Rover and it will inform you whether you are Euro4 or Euro6. If your vehicle is neither of these, you will not be ULEZ compliant and will need to pay the daily charge. However, there are certain exemptions.

Are any Range Rovers exempt from ULEZ?

In addition to the vehicles that are ULEZ compliant, (those in EURO4 and EURO6 categories) there are some that do not fit these categories but will find themselves exempt from ULEZ charges. This list is subject to change so we would always advise you to use the TFL website to double-check. The penalties for not paying the ULEZ charge and entering the zone in a vehicle that is neither compliant nor exempt can be quite high. If your Range Rover has a specific use, you may find that it is exempt from ULEZ charges.

The current listing for exempt vehicles is:

  • Military vehicles
  • Specialist agricultural vehicles
  • Non road going vehicles that require driving on a motorway, or similar (excavators for example)
  • Certain mobile cranes
  • Showman’s vehicles
  • Vehicles over 40 years old
  • Wheelchair-accessible private hire vehicles (Until October 2027)
  • Minibuses for community transport (up until October 2025)
  • London taxis (all new models must be zero emission compliant)
  • Vehicles driven by those in receipt of certain benefits (Until October 2027)
  • Wheelchair-accessible vehicles (Until October 2027)
  • Vehicles driven by those with registered disabled or disabled passenger tax class (Until October 2027)

You may also find that you are reimbursed any ULEZ charges should you be too ill to travel to an appointment using public transport. The reimbursements for this are issued by the hospital and not TFL.

Are hybrid Range Rovers ULEZ compliant?

Hybrid Range Rovers are treated the same as any other vehicle and will not be exempt from ULEZ charges. Just as with cars and vans, they must meet Euro 4 or Euro 6 standards however most hybrids already reach the Euro4, 5 or 6 standards and therefore will not be eligible for ULEZ charges

Can I make my Range Rover ULEZ compliant?

If you were to find that your Range Rover could be adapted to become ULEZ compliant, you could visit a specialist to make it happen. This could involve changing the engine and exhaust and cost substantial sums. Add on the fact that your Range Rover will need to be recertified by the DVSA and you may be better off with a new vehicle.

What are the ULEZ penalties for a non-compliant Range Rover?

If you enter the ULEZ in a Range Rover that is not compliant and do not pay the daily charge, you will be penalized. The fine is currently £180, reduced to £90 if paid within 14 days. There is an appeals process should you wish to exercise your right to appeal.

What if my Range Rover is not ULEZ Compliant?

If you drive into London frequently but do not own a ULEZ-compliant Range Rover and wish to avoid the penalties and the daily charges, you may want to see if you are eligible for the scrappage scheme.

Londoners on a low income, those receiving disability benefits, eligible micro businesses, sole traders and charities with registered addresses in the city can utilise the scheme. Should your Range Rover be non-compliant and you be deemed eligible, a successful application will see you given up to £2,000 for scrapping your Range Rover. There is up to £5,000 available for scrapping or retrofitting wheelchair-accessible vehicles. The latest updates for the ULEZ scrappage scheme are available on the TFL website.


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