Land Rover Defender Service Guide

Welcome to RCV – your local Land Rover service specialist. With over 60 years of combined experience, all relevant to Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles, our dedicated team is unique in providing an exceptional service tailored to all Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles

Because of the high level of service we provide and our impeccable customer experience, the RCV service package is often taken up by customers many miles from our base in East Peckham. We manage to achieve greater geographical coverage while entirely retaining all of the benefits of a local business

All of our Land Rover services are carried out using the Land Rover approved schedules and any new parts will be OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or approved genuine parts that protect your manufacturer’s warranty. RCV offer a local, high quality service experience that will even save money compared to the Land Rover service – ideal for when your service plan has expired. We can save you up to 40% on main dealer prices without invalidating your warranty.

Why service your Land Rover Defender?

By servicing your Land Rover Defender at RCV after the expiration of your Land Rover Service Plan, or if you bought second hand as many of you will have done, you will be opting to benefit from the very best care for your vehicle available, helping your vehicle to retain as much resale value as possible and optimizing the all conditions performance for which the Defender, as the ultimate off-road vehicle is known. Using our easy to use pricing guide you can select your exact Defender model and choose a service type to suit your vehicle’s requirements

The Land Rover Defender, as you as an owner will know is often driven in challenging circumstances over rough terrain and in less than ideal conditions. In order to ensure your Defender continues to be as reliable, trustworthy and safe as the day you bought it, it is extremely important to keep it serviced as regularly as Land Rover recommends.

Land Rover Defender Service Intervals

Adhering to the recommended Land Rover Defender service intervals is crucial to keeping your Defender running at its best. Land Rover recommends having an interim service every 6 months or 6,000-20,000 miles, and a full service every 12 months or 12,000 miles. This ensures that your Land Rover Defender remains in peak condition, safe, reliable, and ready to handle any terrain you may encounter.
Following these service intervals diligently also has the added benefit of maintaining the vehicle’s resale value, reinforcing the commitment to quality that Land Rover Defender owners are known for. As specialists in Land Rover Defender servicing, at RCV, we provide comprehensive service checks as per Land Rover’s guidelines.

Land Rover Defender Service Schedule

A thorough understanding of the Land Rover Defender service schedule is key to ensuring the long-term performance and reliability of your vehicle. At each service interval, we provide a comprehensive service that includes all essential checks and replacements.
During the interim service, we change the oil and filter, check the exhaust, brakes, and suspension, and carry out a full Vehicle Health Check (VHC). For full services, we delve deeper, examining the fuel system, spark plugs, air filter, coolant, and brakes in detail, amongst other things. We believe in transparency, and will always get in touch with you if any additional work is needed.

Defender Service Schedule: Trusted Maintenance with RCV

Our bespoke Defender service schedule is designed to ensure that your vehicle receives the necessary care it deserves. Our experts are trained to spot any signs of potential issues and address them before they become serious problems, ensuring that your Land Rover Defender can conquer any road or trail with ease.
Using the highest quality OEM or approved genuine parts, our services not only maintain your manufacturer’s warranty but also offer the added benefit of saving up to 40% on main dealer prices.

Land Rover Defender Maintenance Schedule: Beyond Regular Servicing

Beyond regular Land Rover Defender service intervals, we also provide essential maintenance services tailored to the unique needs of your vehicle. These include tyre inspections and replacements, brake servicing, air conditioning checks, and more.
We understand that the Defender is built to withstand challenging terrains and weather conditions, which is why we offer comprehensive maintenance services to keep your Defender performing at its best.

New Defender Service Intervals: Service Your New Defender with Confidence

If you’re a proud owner of a new Land Rover Defender, you’ll be glad to know that we offer specialised services for the latest models. Adhering to the new Defender service intervals is crucial in preserving the functionality and integrity of your vehicle. Rely on RCV’s expertise to provide you with a service experience that exceeds your expectations while offering significant savings

Why Choose RCV for Your Land Rover Defender Servicing

When it comes to Land Rover Defender servicing, RCV offers unparalleled service quality and customer experience. Our use of OEM or approved genuine parts ensures your warranty remains intact, while our dedication to Land Rover approved service schedules provides an excellent and more personal alternative to main dealer servicing.
Choose RCV for your Land Rover Defender’s service and maintenance needs, and experience the difference of a local, high-quality service provider. Enjoy substantial savings without sacrificing the impeccable care your Defender deserves.