Range Rover Motability: Are There Any Models of Range Rover on The Scheme?

When looking for a new vehicle, many options, as well as questions are likely to cross your mind. You want to factor in budget, availability, reliability, practicality, and more. For those with mobility issues, the choices can often become limited. Thanks to the Motability scheme though, more people are gaining access to vehicles that they may otherwise not have been able to.

As Range Rover specialists, we are often asked by people whether Range Rovers are available on the scheme and it’s understandable. A Range Rover provides a safe, reliable vehicle equipped with a host of features to benefit passengers and drivers. In this edition of our blog, we look at the scheme and whether a Range Rover could be obtained through it.

What is the Motability scheme?

The Motability scheme allows those in receipt of a qualifying mobility allowance to exchange the allowance for a brand-new car, wheelchair-accessible vehicle, scooter, or powered wheelchair. The scheme aims to help those who have their mobility compromised and have found their freedom and independence restricted as a result.

Those in receipt of a qualifying mobility allowance, if they have at least 12 months left of it, can join the scheme once they have answered a few eligibility questions.

Applicants can then look for vehicles with guidance from Motability as to what would be most beneficial. They can then lease a vehicle using the funds from their allowance to cover the cost. Vehicles are purchased directly from a Motability scheme dealer with the payments for it going direct to Motability from the allowance provider for the individual.

Insurance, servicing, and maintenance are all covered too. In some cases, advance payments are required, and this will apply when the mobility allowance may not cover the full cost of the vehicle. The amount required will vary and will depend on the cost of the vehicle to purchase as well as its costs to run.

Benefits of the Motability Scheme

Aside from obtaining a vehicle, the payments made to Motability to lease the vehicle will also ensure that a driver gets:

  • Breakdown cover
  • Vehicle tax
  • Servicing and maintenance
  • Adaptations where required
  • Tyre and Windscreen cover
  • Insurance

Who is eligible for the Motability scheme?

The scheme is in place to assist disabled people in acquiring a car for their mobility needs. Not all disabled people will be eligible though. To be classed as eligible, you must receive one of the following allowances:

  • The higher rate mobility component of DLA (Disability Living Allowance)
  • The enhanced rate mobility component of PIP (Personal Independence Payment)
  • AFIP (Armed Forces Independent Payment or War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement

If you are not a driver but in receipt of any of these allowances, you can apply for a Motability vehicle and name up to two people to drive on your behalf. Claims can also be made for a child aged 3 or over.

Can I get a Range Rover on Motability?

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, there are no Range Rovers eligible for the Motability scheme. Certain vehicles are restricted from being part of it and currently, Range Rovers make up part of the restricted vehicles list.

That being said, Jaguar Land Rover, the parent company of Range Rover, is constantly evolving its vehicle offering to ensure a variety of people can benefit from driving one of their vehicles.

Whilst Range Rover models do not feature on the Motability scheme, some features of them are particularly useful for disabled passengers or drivers.

Features of a Range Rover beneficial to disabled drivers or passengers

Range Rovers are large, elegant SUVS, and as a result, come with a host of great tech and innovation to enable a smooth ride on the road.

  • Adjustable seating, whilst common on many vehicles, is an asset to a vehicle the size of a Range Rover. Many models feature power-adjustable seats with multiple settings which make it possible for people with different mobility needs to find more comfortable seating positions and easier access to and from the vehicle.
  • Accessibility modifications are possible, but it is important to remember they won’t come as standard. It is possible to add lifts, ramps or hand controls to a Range Rover, but this should only be done by a professional installer. You may also find that your warranty would be harmed due to the severe alteration made to the vehicle.
  • Advanced technology such as infotainment, voice-activated controls, and more can all lend themselves to helping passengers or drivers with specific needs. With functions being easier to control, the need for physical interaction with aspects of the vehicle is reduced.
  • Driver assistance features are another addition that can help those with specific disabilities remain safer on the road. Lane-assist, automatic emergency braking and adaptive cruise control among others mean driving becomes more manageable.
  • Spacious interiors are something Range Rovers are known for, and this can be of particular benefit for those with disabilities. With ample storage space, wheelchairs or other mobility aids can easily be transported where they may otherwise have not if using other vehicles.

It should be noted that some features will only apply to specific Range Rover models, and modifications could compromise an existing insurance policy or any warranty on the vehicle. Consulting with a dealership or specialised mobility vehicle companies would always be advised. They will be able to inform you of what is legal, what is suggested, and what your vehicle could benefit from.


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