What is the Difference Between Land Rover and Range Rover?

Having been fully immersed in the world of Land Rover and Range Rover for over 40 years, our team at Roberts Country Vehicles are often asked what the difference is between the vehicles. To give the simple answer, from the outside there isn’t a great deal of difference but strip back the vehicle a little and you can see two clearly defined vehicle types.

Land Rover first hit the roads back in the late 1940s with the Series 1, a vehicle embraced by the police and military for work in more remote and rural areas as well as those working in agriculture.

Move forward to 1970 and the Range Rover emerged. The, some would say, more luxurious Land Rover. It boasted 4×4 capabilities but leant heavily on being a more exclusive type of vehicle.

As it spawned from the Land Rover, you can, in effect, call each Range Rover a Land Rover. The same can’t be said the other way around though.

To put it simply, Land Rover is the brand name, and this brand consists of seven models. Range Rover and its iterations included. This makes the full name of the Range Rover, The Land Rover Range Rover.

The Range Rover then has 4 models within its collection all labelled as Range Rover. Whilst Land Rover consists of 3 models

So, each Range Rover has its own unique model that collectively falls under the Land Rover brand, whereas each Land Rover is simply, a Land Rover.

Perhaps one other key difference worth noting is price. Land Rovers are seen as the more accessible of the collection and come in at the cheaper end of the scale whilst Range Rovers are seen as a more luxury SUV and will set you back more money.

What are the different types of Land Rover?

There are seven total models of Land Rover, and this includes the four that carry the Range Rover label. However, in this section, we will just focus on the three that do not. The Land Rover Discovery, The Land Rover Discovery Sport, and the Land Rover Defender.

Land Rover Discovery

The Land Rover Discovery is seen as a medium-range but premium-quality SUV. Perfect for drives both off-road and in town, it is often recognised as the option that suits families due to its large size but the not-so-large price tag. With seven full-size seats, a stylish interior and charging points for every occupant, the Discovery provides not just a good ride for the driver but for the passengers too. With 4 trims available, you can find a Discovery that suits your budget and need easily.

Land Rover Discovery Sport

The Land Rover Discovery Sport is the more compact little brother of the original Discovery but still showcases some of the fantastic features its older sibling offers. Available as a hybrid vehicle too, it illustrates just some of the greener avenues Land Rover is going down.  With 3 different trims, some incredible tech and of course, plenty of storage, this compact but robust SUV packs enough into its smaller frame to give you everything a larger vehicle does.

Land Rover Defender

The Land Rover Defender is your off-road king and is built for durability and style. Comfortable with all types of terrain, it stands to reason that this is a popular model with those that like to push their driving skills or live in more challenging environments. 3 different sizes are available with the largest containing seating for 8 people allowing for plenty of driver rotation on long journeys. Add in the electric-hybrid capability and the responsive tech and you equip yourself with a versatile beast!


What are the different types of Range Rover?

The Range Rover is the more luxurious collection of vehicles that fall under the Land Rover marque, and it can be easy to see why when you take a close look at each of them. Within the Range Rover category, there are four models, The Range Rover Evoque, The Range Rover Velar, The Range Rover, The Range Rover Sport, and The Range Rover Classic.

The Range Rover Evoque

The Range Rover Evoque is seen as the ideal family SUV. Not too big, not too small, it comes in 2WD and 4WD as well as both three and five-door options. With a variety of trims that offer MHEV or PHEV capabilities, the Evoque prides itself on being a Range Rover that turns heads on the school run, the weekly shop, or the road trip.

The Range Rover Velar

The Range Rover Velar is seen as a sporty edition of the collection. Small and compact with four-wheel drive, it appears more stylish than many other models in some people’s eyes.

With Vanity Fair describing it as, “A sanctuary with a steering wheel” the Velar is exquisite. Hybrid tech, wellbeing features and groundbreaking innovation see the Velar as possibly the default Range Rover for many. Rapid charging means you can get the Velar from 0-80% in just 30 mins!

The Range Rover Sport

The Range Rover Sport is exactly what it says it is. The sporty Range Rover. As luxurious as all the others featuring sculpted seats, chrome detailing and luxurious leathers, the Sport encompasses sporty performance, the latest technology and pure comfort. With 4 trims available and plug-in hybrid capability. The choices of Range Rover Sport suit perfectly, the person that wants to enjoy a mix of on-road and off-road driving, and the variable height settings and terrain response system make the experience even easier.

The Range Rover

The original Range Rover, the one that started it all you could say. With the best off-road capabilities of the lot and pure luxury fused with incredible technology, it’s the flagship vehicle for a generation. Intuitive technology, incredible range on the electric power train and low emissions ensure it ticks the boxes for everyone that shows an interest in it. Three different trims and the capability to hold up to seven adults add to its versatility, add in the bespoke paintwork that can be chosen and you have a Range Rover that can be built around your preferences.


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