Where can you drive your Landrover offroad?


Owning a Land Rover is having the ability to have some off road adventures, but where exactly can you drive it offroad legally in the UK?


Greenlanes are unpaved roads which are also called tracks or trails. In England and Wales they are referred to as byways or unclassified roads and the right to drive them is a legal, but you do have to take into consideration hikers, cyclists and hoseriders.

You can usually discover which byways you are able to drive by purchasing the latest Ordnance Survey map for the area but there are also another number of ways online that you can find this out.

The online byways map details all the Byways Open to All Traffic (BOATS) that can be driven off road with your Land Rover in the UK. The map allows you to narrow down into an area of your choice and view the green lanes that can be driven.

Also, the Green Lane Association is another source that gives you an overview of green lanes in the UK.

Both sites above are worth checking out over using local ordnance survey maps as some local authorities place temporary closure orders on certain byways during the winter months to stop them getting churned up and some roads which were once byways, have since been declassified, and it is no longer legal to drive them.

Pay To Play

Across the UK there are dedicated sites and clubs that you can take along your Land Rover and Pay to drive your own Land Rover on their specialised sites. Each site will have its own requirements on Insurance and MOT and you will need to check with them as to what those needs are, Prices start from as little as £25 and you can really test your Land Rovers off roading capabilities to the max!

Land Rover Experience Drives

Similar to Pay to Play but you use a Land Rover from the centre rather than your own vehicle. These days are great if you are thinking of buying a Land Rover and want to get a feel for the car or if you love your Land Rover but don’t want to get it dirty! There are various centres all over the UK.  If you have recently bought a new Land Rover, then you receive a complimentary Off Road experience day for free.


If you would like to make sure your Land Rover is all set for Off Roading, bring it along to RCV here in Kent for a 360 health check and we will advise of any works that may need undertaking. Visit our page here to book in.