Diesel Exhaust Fluid for Range Rovers: All You Need to Know

Whether you are a new Range Rover owner or someone who has steadfastly refused to drive anything else over the past few years, it pays to ensure you know all about your Diesel Exhaust Fluid (also known as DEF).

DEF is a fluid that helps ensure your Land Rover Range Rover is compliant with the EU6 regulations that were introduced in 2013. In recent years, the EU6 standard garnered more press, as any vehicle compliant with them would not be penalized for entering the increasing areas imposing ULEZ charges. This means that, for many, a Range Rover is ULEZ compliant and therefore free from the daily charges that would have otherwise been accrued.

So, what is your diesel exhaust fluid, why is it so important, and what should you do if you discover a fault with it?

What is Diesel Exhaust Fluid for my Range Rover?

Diesel Exhaust Fluid, often seen as DEF, and also known as AdBlue, is a clear liquid that gets injected into the exhaust system to clean the exhaust gases your Range Rover produces. With all new diesel Range Rovers fitted with what is known as SCR technology to ensure full compliance with the EU6 regulations, DEF is needed for the SCR to work properly.

What is SCR technology?

SCR technology, or Selective Catalytic Reduction tech, ensures that your Range Rover is EU6 compliant. It reduces the levels of Nitrogen Oxide omitted from the exhaust by as much as 90%, and now, with all Diesel Range Rovers from 2016 being fitted with SCR, Diesel Exhaust Fluid is needed to ensure the exhaust gases are cleaned.

Will my Range Rover work without Diesel Exhaust Fluid?

To comply with the EU6 regulations, your Range Rover will not restart once the engine is switched off if you have run out of Diesel Exhaust Fluid. You will need to top it up to get back on the road again. A minimum of 3.6LT will be needed before your Range Rover will start working again.

How will I know if my Diesel Exhaust Fluid is low?

If your Diesel Exhaust Fluid is low, your Range Rover will display messages on your instrument panel to inform you. Four different messages will show. Each one increasing in the severity of how low your DEF is getting.

  1. The first message indicates that you should top up your Diesel Exhaust Fluid
  2. Message number two will have an amber light and inform you of the need to refill your DEF.
  3. The third message is when things get a little more critical. You will be informed of how many miles are left before you run out of Diesel Exhaust Fluid.
  4. The fourth, a final message informs you that you can no longer start your Range Rover and must add Diesel Exhaust Fluid. A red warning light will also be on display.

Can I check the level of the Diesel Exhaust Fluid of my Range Rover

Yes! Although not in all models. Your handbook will be able to inform you if yours has the capability. A few simple steps will show you how much further you can travel until you need to change your Diesel Exhaust Fluid.

Firstly, switch on the ignition, but do not start the vehicle. Hold down the start/stop button until the warning light on the instrument panel lights up.

Then press the OK button on the steering wheel to access the main menu, you might need to do this a few times depending on which model you own.

Scroll down to highlight vehicle info and press OK.  From here, you can scroll down to Diesel Exhaust Fluid, press OK and now your remaining DEF will be shown.

How often should I top up my Diesel Exhaust Fluid?

Much depends on the vehicle you have, the conditions you drive in, and how you drive. On average, you can expect to get approximately 500 miles per litre of DEF.

Can I top up DEF myself?

You can if you wish, but it should always be done carefully. Diesel Exhaust Fluid being poured into the wrong tank or using a fluid that does not meet specific standards could cause long-lasting or permanent damage to your Range Rover. If this happens, you should consult a Range Rover specialist right away. If you were to pour the DEF into the fuel tank by mistake, you should never begin trying to start the vehicle.

You should also make sure that any DEF you purchase meets ISO22241-1 or DIN 70070. If they do not, avoid using them.

Where can I buy Diesel Exhaust Fluid?

Many Range Rover specialists will sell DEF, but you can also pick it up through many garages or service centres. Just ensure that any you purchase is not stored within your Range Rover and that it meets the correct specifications.


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