How Often Should You Service Your Jaguar?

A Jaguar is a prestigious motor vehicle no matter which model you own, and it rightfully deserves premium care and attention. That is why keeping up to date with its service schedule is so important. Allowing a team of dedicated Jaguar experts to carry out the Jaguar service plan means your car can remain at its best for longer. The question is though, how often do you need to send your vehicle to Jaguar service specialists?

Put simply, it depends. Most dealerships will offer their own schedule based on typical usage and mileage covered. These are known as interim, full and major services and normally take place every 6, 12 and 24 months depending on the service needed. Other specialists like Roberts Country Vehicles work to the Jaguar servicing schedules using approved genuine or original equipment manufacturer parts. It is these types of services that have varying schedules and will differ from the ones offered by main dealerships. Each service that goes by the Jaguar service schedule varies per model. Using mileage, engine type and age to determine how frequently you need the vehicle serviced.

How can I find out how often my Jaguar needs servicing?

If you have decided to have your Jaguar serviced using the official Jaguar servicing plan, you will find servicing details in your handbook. Follow these and your Jaguar will match the servicing schedules as set out by Jaguar themselves.

How much does it cost to get a Jaguar serviced?

If you are following the Jaguar service plan you should find prices in many places cheaper than at the main dealerships. At RCV for example, prices can include a brake fluid change or Adblue where required. Main dealers can add as much as £80 to a service for these!

Prices do vary on the model of the car and the service being carried but you can expect prices of just over £200 on some editions and just over £400 on others.

If you choose not to go with the Jaguar service plan and opt for the interim and full services, you could be expecting roughly similar pricing. The service itself may even be cheaper but the add-ons soon push you into more expensive territory. Many will also not include parts, labour or VAT which can soon add a significant sting to the bill!

What is included in a Jaguar interim service?

If you have chosen to go to a main dealer you will have the option to take an interim service. These commonly happen when the vehicle has covered around 6,000 miles or every 6 months. Whichever one comes soonest. Different places may include different work as part of their interim service so it can often be better to choose a service that follows the Jaguar service schedule. That way you can have full peace of mind that everything that should be serviced on your Jaguar has been.

An interim service can include, but is not limited to:

  • Interior checks that will cover seat belts, windscreen wipers, interior lighting, instruments, gauges and warning lights.
  • Exterior checks that will include all doors, the boot, all exterior lights, mirrors and fuel cap
  • Under the bonnet checks that will look at the battery and its wiring, brake pipes, electrics and bonnet catch.
  • Under the vehicle checks that include a visual inspection of the brakes.
  • Alignment checks that will look at steering, suspension and tyres

You should always consult with the company servicing your Jaguar to find out what is included as in some cases, shopping around may find you a more comprehensive or suitable service at less expense.

What is included in a Jaguar full service?

A full service of a Jaguar normally takes place every 12,000 miles or once a year, whatever comes sooner. It will include all of the above as well as a few important extras.

This could include checks on the radiator, power steering fluid, a full brake inspection, the exhaust, the transmission and drive belts.

As with the interim service, you should ask the chosen servicing company what is included so that nothing is missed out or you are not hit with any surprise charges once the work has been completed.

What is included in a Jaguar major service?

The biggest of all services is normally carried out around the 2-year mark or when the mileage hit 24,000 miles. Again, as with the interim and full services, it all depends on what comes first. The service itself will include everything in the interim and full service but will also include spark plug replacements and a battery test among other things.

How long does a Jaguar service take?

The service of any vehicle is a detailed and carefully carried out process so can take substantial time. In some cases, this can mean you are without your vehicle for a large part of the day, it is worth checking if the servicing company offers a courtesy car service. This way you can leave your Jaguar in the capable hands of the experts whilst you continue with your day. In some cases, your car can be under the mechanics’ care for as little as 90mins should it be an interim service, but you could have it gone for 2 or more hours if having a full or major service carried out. Before booking a service, ask for the current durations to get an idea and if it could eat into your work schedule ask about courtesy cars. At RCV we offer them to ensure you can keep moving without any interruptions.

You should also ask the servicing company what happens should they detect a problem. In some instances, they may proceed with work to make sure you are road worthy again. This not only adds to the duration you are without your vehicle but also to the cost.



Ultimately, it is your choice how you keep your Jaguar in its best possible condition, but following the Jaguar service plan is perhaps the most efficient way to slow the depreciation of your vehicle and ensure only the best possible parts are used. At Robert Country Vehicles, our Kent-based team work to this exact service plan, ensuring your Jaguar is serviced to the highest possible standard. Our team of experienced Jaguar experts use the latest manufacturer diagnostics and are proud to offer fixed-price servicing, meaning there are no hidden charges.

Better still, should we find a fault with your vehicle, we will contact you first to give you the full rundown so you can make a decision as to whether you want us to go ahead with the work. It is just part of our open, transparent service where we want to ensure you and your car always come first. Why not contact us today to find out more. You could also benefit from our Jaguar MOT service that promises both affordability and perfection as standard.