Jaguar Servicing at RCV


Jaguar service plans are specifically designed to keep the upkeep and maintenance of your Jaguar both cost- effective and convenient. No nasty surprises or hidden costs, just guaranteed quality care with RCV Jaguar Land Rover trained technicians. We use official Jaguar service schedules here in our Kent workshops, to provide a service that is specific to your Vehicle’s make, model, age and mileage – exactly as recommended by Jaguar. Best of all, a manufacturer service by RCV will uphold your Jaguar vehicle warranty. Check out the RCV Jaguar servicing page here.


When it comes to luxury and quality, Jaguar strive to make sure every vehicle operates at its optimal performance no matter its age and a Jaguar service plan offers you the reassurance that your Jaguar will receive a top quality service, inclusive of required parts, sundries, labour costs and care from our trained technicians. It’s a plan focused on quality and care so you can keep your Jaguar on the road with minimal fuss.


What you can expect with a Jaguar Service Plan at RCV


Jaguar Service intervals are either mileage or time based, whichever occurs soonest and your Jaguar will be serviced by RCV, here in Kent in line with the Jaguar service plan schedule if applicable and according to the vehicle manufacturer guidelines, but all Jaguar services will have the following:


  • Expert care and support from our Jaguar Land Rover trained technicians.
  • Fixed Price servicing with no increase on price on any parts, or labour for the duration of the servicing plan.
  • Free Courtesy Car option available from our workshops here in Kent.
  • Substantial discounts on main dealer prices.
  • Inclusive ad blue top up where applicable.
  • Easy manageable monthly payment plans available.


Will my Jaguar warranty be protected?



Yes, provided your Jaguar is still within its warranty period, a service by RCV will not invalidate your Jaguar warranty agreement.


How much is a Jaguar Service plan?


We need to give you a quote that is specific to your vehicle as the Manufacturer Service Schedule will vary depending on your vehicle’s age, model and mileage. Our quote will always show all associated costs and inclusive of VAT.


So if you would like to know more or want to book in for your Jaguar service then head across to our service booking page here or call us on 01622 873000.