Is GAP Insurance Worth it for Land Rover Drivers?

Protecting yourself from extortionate charges is something you will no doubt always investigate upon making a substantial new purchase. Whether it be a new vehicle, a new house, or even a holiday, adding insurance can help you avoid costly fees that may break the bank!

One often proposed to Land Rover owners is GAP insurance. A form of insurance that may save you huge sums should your Land Rover be written off or stolen.

Of course, there are plenty of insurance options beneficial to Land Rover drivers, but could GAP insurance be the one you need? In this edition of our blog, we look at GAP insurance for Land Rover drivers and how it could or could not be worth it.


What is GAP insurance?

GAP Insurance is a form of insurance policy that helps you cover the costs should your Land Rover be written off or stolen. The reason for it being “GAP” insurance, is that it covers the gap between the amount you paid for the car and the amount paid out by your car insurance company.

It is a separate policy from your standard car insurance and works to ensure you are not out of pocket should you have a costly issue with your Land Rover.

It is well known that new vehicles lose significant value the moment they come off the forecourt. In some cases, this can be as much as 30%! Should your Land Rover be stolen or written off, your insurance company will only pay out based on the vehicle value at that moment. This means a huge loss should you be in an accident or have it stolen soon after purchasing it.

For example,  if you purchase a new Land Rover for £30,000, the next day it could be worth just £20,000. If you were unlucky enough to have it stolen or written off, you would see a £10,000 loss in just one day! GAP Insurance will alleviate you of that loss by covering the difference.

Before deciding to take out a GAP insurance policy for your Land Rover, you would first have to consider which policy applies to you.

What types of GAP insurance are there for Land Rover drivers?

There are three common types of GAP insurance policy suitable for Land Rovers. Each one offers coverage for different types of Land Rover drivers.

Return to invoice GAP insurance

This form of GAP insurance sees you paid the difference between what your insurer pays and the amount paid for the car or the amount owed to the car finance company.

Lease car GAP insurance

As the title suggests, this form of GAP insurance will only be available if your Land Rover is leased, and you have no option to buy it. The market value of the vehicle will be covered by the car insurance policy with the GAP policy covering the remaining lease payments.

Vehicle replacement GAP insurance

Having vehicle replacement GAP insurance will see you receive a payout based on the difference between what your insurer pays out and the value of the vehicle if it was bought brand new today. If you purchased the Land Rover as a used car, the payout will be based on what you paid for the vehicle.

Is GAP insurance available to all Land Rover drivers?

You’d think every driver would snap up a GAP insurance policy if it covers you from losses the moment you take the car off the forecourt. GAP insurance is not always available though.

For example, if you have third-party cover, you will not be eligible to take advantage of a GAP insurance policy. They can only be made available to drivers with fully comprehensive insurance. Even then, payouts are made at the discretion of the insurance company. If they judge your vehicle to be a write-off or have doubts over your claims of it being stolen, they will invalidate the claim.

In addition, if you want to add upgrades to your Land Rover, to perhaps change its appearance or performance, you could see yourself at a loss financially. Upgraded vehicles are a target for thieves due to their increased value, however, your GAP policy will only cover the gap between what you paid for the vehicle and the current market value, excluding upgrade work.

Finally, if your Land Rover is worth more than £75,000, and has driven more than 100,000 miles, you may find it hard to acquire a GAP policy.

How much does Land Rover GAP insurance cost?

The policies on offer will vary in cost depending on the type you choose and the model of Land Rover you own. It is not uncommon for Land Rover Gap insurance policies to cost as little as £100 but as high as almost £1000. You can secure such insurance via banks, insurance companies and Land Rover dealerships. Just remain aware that a dealership will not supply you with a GAP insurance policy upon the purchase of a vehicle. You will be required to wait two days before being able to take a GAP policy out in this way.

Should I get GAP insurance for my Land Rover?

It sounds like a worthwhile investment, but it could prove to be a cost you do not need. Preventing Range Rover theft by following expert advice can make your vehicle extremely secure and almost impossible to steal. However, nothing is 100% foolproof. You should weigh up whether it is an affordable policy and one you are likely to benefit from. If you live in an area with high levels of vehicle crime, it could be worth the spend.

In addition, if your Land Rover is on finance, your GAP policy could go some way to helping remove the stress of settling your finance plan.

If your Land Rover is a used model, then perhaps you could leave GAP insurance altogether. Used vehicles depreciate much slower than new ones so the expense for the additional policy doesn’t deliver you as much value. Also, your insurance policy will pay out the cost for a like-for-like model in most cases meaning the absence of a GAP policy won’t be any great loss.


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