What is Land Rover Pivi Pro?

When you buy a Land Rover, you not only invest in a premium vehicle to get you around, but you invest in innovative technology that helps make that journey a little easier, a little safer, and, perhaps even a little more fun.

Over the years, Land Rover has continually evolved both the interior and exterior of its vehicles to provide enhancements cosmetically and mechanically. Pivi Pro is one such example, but what is it, and how will your Land Rover benefit from it? We took a look.

What is Pivi Pro?

Land Rover Pivi Pro is the newest form of infotainment system installed in Land Rovers. Taking over from where the InControl system was previously, it brings owners a wealth of new tech and entertainment features that help keep them connected as well as safe when on a journey. Putting a host of options at the fingertips of the user, Pivi Pro transforms the way you use your Land Rover.

When was Pivi Pro added to Land Rovers?

Pivi Pro is a relatively new feature for Land Rovers. Introduced in 2022, it replaced the Land Rover InControl system which was previously the onboard system for all things entertainment and safety. All Land Rovers now feature Pivi Pro, however, its junior equivalent, the Pivi does feature in some models. When shopping for a new Land Rover, ask the dealership which version your chosen Land Rover includes. In most cases, it will be the Pro as this is included in almost all new models. The difference between the two isn’t much but should there be a specific feature you want; it would be best to enquire.

What does Pivi Pro feature in my Land Rover?

Pivi Pro comes with a vast array of features for your Land Rover, helping you bring your journey to life. Whilst entertainment features prominently, Pivi Pro also helps you keep your luxury SUV secure, and reduce the risk of theft.

Land Rover Pivi Pro includes:

  • 10-inch touchscreen display
  • Wireless charging for your smartphone
  • Bluetooth pairing for two devices at the same time
  • Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity
  • Secure Tracker/ Secure Tracker Pro to enable vehicle tracking at all times
  • Land Rover Remote App access connecting you to your central locking, vehicle status, climate control
  • A range of apps for listening to music, podcasts, or the news, connecting to calls, viewing maps or checking the weather

How do I set up Pivi Pro in my Land Rover?

Getting your Pivi Pro set up is simple, and one of its best features is that you can customise your display to make it work as you want it to. Prefer a certain feature to another? No problem, simply set the layout to your preferences to make that feature even easier to access!

Start by setting up an account and data plan with the Start-Up Wizard service. Depending on the pack you have, will determine what you do next. You will have either the Online Pack or the Smartphone Pack. Each works slightly differently from the other.

If you have the smartphone pack for your Land Rover Pivi Pro, connect your smartphone via USB to the infotainment system and follow the instructions on screen. It’s that simple! Just make sure that your phone has all its latest updates for optimal performance.

If you have the online pack, go to the Pivi Pro/InControl app, and find the connect accounts option. From here, you’ll have access to the apps you want for your system. Like the smartphone pack, it’s really all quite simple. Just scan the QR code or tap “Email me” on the screen to get started.

Luckily, should you get confused, or should Pivi Pro seem to be working differently than how you had hoped, there is a free to download user manual via the Land Rover iGuide. This will help you address any problems and help you find other features that may be of benefit.

Can I reset my Land Rover Pivi Pro if there is a fault?

Yes! There are two ways to do this, and it depends on whether you have a Land Rover made pre- or post-2024. For Land Rovers made before 2024, put your vehicle into park. Then hold down the media power button on the volume control. For Land Rovers built from 2024 onwards, hold down the phone button on the steering wheel.

The touchscreen will go blank, and then display the Land Rover logo. Once this happens, release the button and you’ll be greeted with the start-up screen. You can now begin the process of setting up your Pivi Pro again.

Will my maps on Pivi Pro update automatically?

Yes, well, they can do! It all depends on whether you have a Connected Navigation Subscription. If you do, your maps will download and update automatically. If you don’t and instead need to update them manually, you’ll need to follow three simple steps.

  • Download the latest Map Downloader App from Jaguar Land Rover to your laptop/computer
  • Get your vehicle VIN
  • Get a USB stick and transfer the maps from the computer to the USB ready to upload to your system.

Do you need a data plan to keep Pivi Pro connected?

With a subscription, you can benefit from all the data you need thanks to the inbuilt SIM card allowing you to stream music, download apps and benefit from a 4G connection whilst on the road. Speak to your Land Rover dealer about the initial one-year online pack subscription and the three-year subscription for Connected Navigation Pro. These services require a subscription and the mobile data needed to access the subscribed features is included within the plan. Should your plan expire, you will be sent an email giving you the chance to renew.


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